Братя Диневи 3-ти март 2008

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slava.bg : Соня и Динко Диневи

Соня и Динко Диневи

Michaelsaipt 19.07.2017 06:28ч.

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Michaelsaipt 12.07.2017 11:46ч.

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5q 02.10.2009 15:57ч.

Yes Katerina. That's the bg. mafia. This two Brothers "earn" this Millions because of their relationships with political influental people and because back in rime his Mother was a Major of St.Vlas for 30 yers long.She got the protection and connections where has to be.

Nora 27.06.2009 14:11ч.

Kakto vseki put yspiaha da napraviat edin nezabravim kypon.A tezi izkazvania po gore iavno sa na kompleksirani jeni4ki.A Sonia vseki put spira duhut na mnojestvo muje

katerina 22.08.2008 13:27ч.

Dobro dan!ja sam iz Poska,predi7 dena byah v Sveti Vlas and I have a questions to you, bulgarian people ...I have a respect for Dinevi Brothers( and their workers of course) for balanse luxury and quality new architecture of Marina D.and Sv Vlas.But i coudn't discovere many places from old history of Sv Vlas(i mean cementary,old houses for example)i hope that new hotels and others stuff there are not on places of memory and houses of deleted people.. So tout ensemble is that Dinevi Marina and Sv. vlas are unnatural,a little..Dobro,that Dinevi Brothers cant delete beautiful mountains ..My after-thought is..mafia May i mistake??